Sunday, 8 February 2009

Urban leaders, CEO for Cities

Whilst browsing around on the web I came across CEOs for cities - a network of urban leaders in the states working to find new ways of regenerating cities through building new ways of thinking. In their words....

Today, there is nothing easy or automatic about becoming a successful city. Places that cling to the old ways of doing things, old views of society and the old agenda may find themselves pulled under by the waves of change, rather than being pushed along by them.

This sparked off thoughts in my mind about whether a similar network exists in this country - the Smart Cities agenda has the potential to do something along these lines and if we can link this with some of the thinking around new ways of learning, sustainability, investment in new forms of capital then maybe just maybe we can create something new, dynamic, that doesn't spell the end of the planet and is human focused and friendly. I need to think about this more.

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