Monday, 4 May 2009

The Big Oxford Learning Debate

I've just finished writing the proposals for the Big Oxford Learning Debate. The BOLD (like it!) is an idea that I hatched whilst thinking about Oxford and learning and skills and and and.....
I am a Fellow of the RSA and was chatting about this as an idea with one of the local group members.

The idea is to bring together the great and the good from the Oxford learning community (so the Vice Chancellors of the Universities, a principal of an FE college, maybe the Director of Children's Services, perhaps a headteacher or two) to have a discussion about the future of learning and what we need to do to ensure that children and young people have the skills and knowledge and aptitudes they need to face the challenges of tomorrow.

I've got my friends at British Council for School Environments interested too as part of their investigation into what makes good learning.

I've offered to organised and chair the event which, fingers crossed, should happen sometime in October this year.....

I think it sounds really good.......

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